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Relationships and Sex Education for Teenagers: Making Her Spirit and Grace Matter – The Solution to Chaos

During the last 150 years, humanity experienced a large change in the way most males view females. In the past, for over 99% of the history of mankind, females were commonly viewed, in different cultures and civilizations, as non-transferable (or as belonging to one male only: first her father, and later, her husband). These days most males have an opinion that females could change their sexual partner, and nothing serious would take with them.

On pages of this site, we are going to contrast 3 different mating systems:
– in chimpanzees
– for the classical or traditional human culture based on the idea of a female mating with one male
– for the modern culture that is, on some level and in some features, similar to the mating system present in chimpanzees.

We are going to show that, as soon as a female is deserted (abandoned) by her first sexual partner, this situation creates a mental (or psychological) trauma for the female, and, in 99% of cases, she becomes a victim for the rest of her life. This means that up to 80-90% of females living in modern culture are victims driven by emotions that create misery on different social levels (in her family, for her children, and in all other types of social settings where she interacts with other males and females).


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